Badlapur (2015) Full Movie Watch Online
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Badlapur (2015) Full Movie Watch Online

Badlapur (2015) Full Movie Watch Online

Badlapur (2015) Full Movie Watch Online DVD Print Download. Watch Badlapur (2015) Full Movie. Download Badlapur (2015) Full Movie. After his wife and son are killed, a young man finds out the man behind the murder and fights against him, along committing some big mistakes. Badlapur (2015) Watch Full Movie Online in DVD Print Quality Download,Watch Full Movie Badlapur (2015) Online in HD Print Quality Free Download.


A young man (Raghu) wants revenge from the people who killed his wife and son in a bank robbery.There are two suspects in this case ,one escapes with the money and the other gets caught by the cops and is sentenced 20 years in jail. Fifteen years later he is suffering from cancer and he has only a year to live, so he requests Raghu to forgive his rest of the sentenced and let him get out from the jail. Raghu accepts his apology only on one condition that he names his partner. So after 15 years will Raghu be able to find the other suspect who destroyed his life? Will he punish him and take his 15 years old revenge?


From the first moment you set your eyes on the movie, you know that it’s going to be highly stylish one. And it is! Not your Once Upon a Time in Mumbai sort of stylish. Rather stylish in truer and grittier sense.

The characters were just fabulous. You don’t know whom to call the victim and whom the culprit. Just an unfortunate event that sets off a chain reaction transforming every one in the process for the good or worse.

The charms of the movie: Varun and Nawazuddin. The one I liked more was Varun for a very simple reason. Nawazuddin is an acclaimed actor though underrated. It’s Varun who broke the stereotype chocolate boy image and got onto a new avatar. One that’s disturbing and at the same time interesting. The only thing is, Varun’s voice seemed childish in some scenes that demanded more impact. Other than that, Varun has my respect. Nawazuddin is Nawazuddin. I watch his every movie just to see him in action. Enough Said!

The twists and turns in this movie seemed natural. Never forced. Unlike other bollywood movies, where the twists are introduced out of nowhere, this one had twists that baffled me with it’s sheer brilliance. The gore is limited to just few minutes but enough to make a huge impact.

The comedy is unintentional yet brilliant. The dialogues are not intended to make you laugh. But you laugh anyway. Even after the movie has ended. WOW! 2015 has been so good this far. Hope this continues for the rest of the year. Ugly, Baby, and now this.

I’ll not urge you to watch this movie if you like masala movies Or, if you intend to watch a family movie. But, if you want a taste of the nastier grittier stuff bollywood has to offer, I can’t think of a better movie right now than this one.

You’ll either love this movie. Or, hate it. But this movie will definitely make an impact on you. That fer sure.

Duration: 128 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.5

Badlapur (2015) Full Movie Watch Online
Badlapur (2015) Full Movie Watch Online
Badlapur (2015) Full Movie Watch Online