Chaahat (1996) Watch Full Movie Online
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Chaahat (1996) Watch Full Movie Online

Chaahat (1996) Watch Full Movie Online

Chaahat (1996) Watch Full Movie Online DVD Print Download. Roop and his father come to the city for medical treatment where Reshma falls in love with Roop. However, Roop loves Pooja but when Reshma threatens to kill herself, Roop agrees to marry her.


Street-wise musician Roop Singh Rathod must take his father, Shambunath to Mumbai in order to seek medical treatment for a throat ailment. Once in Mumbai Roop takes up a job as a singer in a wealthy business-man Ajay Narang’s hotel. Roop’s life takes a new turn when Ajay’s only sister, Reshma fascinates him; unknown to her that Roop is in love with Pooja,who is a doctor by profession. When Reshma gets aware of this; she informs Ajay who will go to any length for his sister’s happiness – even kill Roop.


The film is about a rich girl’s (who’s the sister of a big don) obsession with a poor boy (Shah Rukh). Unfortunately, this poor boy loves an ordinary girl so much that he defies every move of the rich girl and her brother that would bring this poor boy closer to the rich girl.

Shah Rukh has acted one of his best performances in this film. It’s really surprising that the film wasn’t a commercial success as it had basically every element that is required for pure entertainment. This film was definitely better than some of the other hopeless Bollywood films.

Overall, I would recommend everyone (especially Shah Rukh’s fans) to watch this film if you haven’t. The songs of the film are pretty decent too.

Duration: 151 min

Quality: web


IMDb: 5.5