Insan (2005) Watch Full Movie Online
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Insan (2005) Watch Full Movie Online

Insan (2005) Watch Full Movie Online

Insan (2005) Watch Full Movie Online DVD Print Free Download. Watch Insan (2005) Full Movie. Download Insan (2005) Full Movie. A grieving policeman and a rickshaw driver are brought together by a dark, tragic secret that will change their lives forever.


A loner ex-cop driven by his need for vengeance, no one, nothing, is able to penetrate his shell. Not even the love of Meghna who hopes in vain that her love will make him forget his pain. As he drives his rickshaw through the streets of Bombay. Amjad still scours the thousands of faces on the streets looking for his brother Azhar who went missing years ago. Amjad tries in vain to hide his pain with his love for Hina. But how do you dilute the pain of such a personal loss? Ambition brought Avinash Kapoor to Bombay, the same ambition that drew Indu; the ambition to become a film star. To find glamor, fame, success and wealth. Instead they found each other. Ajit Rathor. Avinash Kapoor, Amjad, Three different men with three different missions. Find now that their worlds are linked by a secret which will change them forever. Three men are going to find that the very qualities that made them human; Hate. Sorrow. Despair. Love. Pain. Ambition. Hope. Are going to make them cross the line …


This movie was brilliant and entertaining but it is also flawless

Songs are pretty decent but above average

It was also fun to see akshay Kumar Ajay devgn and tushhar after khakee

They have done excellent performances heroines like esha deol and Lara dutt were fine in their performances

My rating is 5/5 stars

Nice movie

Duration: 141 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.0

Insan (2005) Watch Full Movie Online