Jigar (1992) Watch Full Movie Online
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Jigar (1992) Watch Full Movie Online

Jigar (1992) Watch Full Movie Online

Jigar (1992) Watch Full Movie Online DVD Print Free Download. Watch Jigar (1992) Full Movie. Download Jigar (1992) Full Movie. When a gangster takes over the art of karate and causes unrest in a town, one man rises to fight against them.


Simpleton Raj Verma alias Raju return home one day to find that his sister is publicly raped by gangster Beharry and one of his wrestlers also Raj’s childhood friend Duryodhan. When Raj intervene he is beaten, publicly humiliated and left for dead, and then he is taken to the hospital and survive by a miracle. After recovery Raj swears to take revenge on Duryodhan and Beharry and is trained to become an expert wrestler by a man named Baba Thakur. But the question remains will Raj be able to cope with these trainings and if he does will he be able to take on Duryodhan who is already an expert in this field?


There was a time in Indian cinema when no brains like Jigar was deemed as entertainment, thankfully the eighties are no more when screen violence had no reason, and men saw rape as a joy to view on screen. Still it mange to create curiosity with the then newcomer Ajay Devgan, who starred in the blockbuster Phool Aur Kannte (1990), and who was gaining stardom as an action hero. How much has changed from the past to what he is currently, a talented actor with quality films like Zakham (1998) and Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam (1999) behind him.

The soundtrack of this film was quite a big seller and made the once S-Series record label, owned by producer Salim, quite successful for a short period of time. He even produced some decent movies like Phool Aur Angarrey (1992), and Bazzi (1993).

The film’s main characters are the fight sequences that seem poorly executed and rushed. The choreography is somewhat dull and lacks what other excellent king-f films have in its pacing, editing and cinematography. It even goes to borrow scenes from numerous classic Jackie Chan films like Snake in the Eagle Shadow and Drunken Master. The performances from the entire cast are hammy and off-key, but that is expected for a movie of this genre. The romantic elements do take up most of the film time and some trimming could have been done. Technical values are average and now are appearing rather dated.

The plot is reminiscent to numerous Cantonese films that are within the king-f genre, and like films of this genre Jigar is gaining a cult like status with video rentals and satellite showings. It might not be one people are planning to watch but when it’s on you can’t help but watch along. It’s what I like to call the “Mithun Syndrome” (see below to further understand what is meant by this term). You really don’t get anything out of this feature; it’s not even a time pass film but the Mithun Syndrome is quite high on this feature.

Mithun Syndrome = when you wouldn’t rent that film, but when its on the screen you follow what is occurring with a strange willing to compromise and be contempt with whatever the film shows.

Duration: 161 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.7