Joker (2012) Full Movie Watch Online
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Joker (2012) Full Movie Watch Online

Joker (2012) Full Movie Watch Online

Joker (2012) Full Movie Watch Online HD Print Free Download. Watch Joker (2012) Full Movie. Download Joker (2012) Full Movie. In 1947 when the maps of India and Pakistan were being drawn, an oversight ensured that the village of Paglapur didn’t find a place in either country. Over 60 years later, Paglapur is isolated, and in need of help. The residents seek help, but as a direct result of being left off the map, they find noone willing to accept Paglapur, and its problems, as their jurisdiction. The villagers decide they need to draw media attention to Paglapur, and in so doing, gain acceptance and help from those who had previously denied them.
If you really want to laugh without any laughing moment, JOKER is just for you! I am damn sure, you will do anything, but laugh! Producer Farah Khan while promoting the film, confidently said that ‘Joker’ would make for a great family viewing at the theaters as elders wouldn’t have to worry about raunchy kisses and scintillating skin show popping every now and then in front of the kids. It is fine for the director to think of making a ‘clean’ movie, but at least there has to be a story to make people sit in the theater. And I doubt that the kids of today, after being fed with Hollywood flicks like ‘Ice Age’ and ‘Spy Kids’ would buy this Kunder’s fantasy. The story is very run-of the-mill. Akshay (Augustya), a NASA scientist returns to India to improve the condition of his village named ‘Paglapur’, apparently which has lost its identity from the face of the earth. Now since the administrators have no clue as to under whose jurisdiction Paglapur exist, Augustya’s village is devoid of any basic amenities like bijli and paani leading to the inhabitants going eccentric who incidentally happen to be former fugitives of a mental asylum. To improve the situation, Augustya with the help of the villagers hatches an absurd plan to attract media and the administration’s attention, but somehow the scheme doesn’t work out eventually leading to utter chaos.

Finally, the ‘unimaginable’ (which was very predictable) happens and Paglapur gets the due it long deserved.

In the acting department, besides Akshay, Shreyas Talpade manages to tickle the funny bone with his gibberish talk. Sonakshi, as usual is just there for the ornamental purpose, but what is really unfortunate is the editing of the film which I expected to be top class considering that it is coming from Shirish Kunder, the master editor himself.

My ratings 1/5 and must say not to spend money on this. Wait for the DVD which will come sooner than expected!

Duration: 104 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 2.6

Joker (2012) Full Movie Watch Online
Joker (2012) Full Movie Watch Online