Jung (2000) Watch Full Movie Online
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Jung (2000) Watch Full Movie Online

Jung (2000) Watch Full Movie Online

Jung (2000) Watch Full Movie Online DVD Print Free Download. Watch Jung (2000) Full Movie. Download Jung (2000) Full Movie. The son of Police Inspector Veer Chauhan requires a near impossible to find bone-marrow transplant. With time running out, Veer finds a viable candidate, a criminal he was responsible for apprehending.


Honest and diligent police officer Veer Chauhan believes in arresting law-breakers and placed them in the lock-ups for trial in a court of law while his colleague inspector Khan feel that the police should take action upon apprehending the criminals that is shooting them to death. That then became the reason why Veer and Khan does not get along. Meanwhile Veer’s personal life involves living happily with his wife, Naina and young son, Sahil unfortunately the family’s happiness are minimize when the couple gets to learn that Sahil is suffering from blood cancer with the only way to save his life is by doing a bone marrow transplant. But the short-coming is to find a donor that matches Sahil’s bone marrow group which proves difficult to find; then finally there exist one who is a jailed criminal named Balli under Veer’s custody for 4 years. At first Balli refuses to donate his bone marrow but later on agrees after a change of mind. Veer then make all the necessary arrangements which …


Jung is junk. One of the rare few films I’ve walked out of in a cinema. It’s amazing what low technical values Sanjay Gupta films had prior to Kaante and Musafir. Technical values aside, it’s also beyond my understanding how one of Bollywood’s best writers – Anurag Kashyap – came up with a terrible plagiarised screenplay like this one.

Apparently, the film ran into some trouble with the producer and the director left the film midway. Which may explain why there are flashes of ‘acceptable-to-good’ shots here and there. The rest (maybe the bulk) of the film may have been ‘directed’ by the producer himself. I can’t remember the music at all; all I remember about the songs are an aging Raveena Tandon and Jackie Shroff looking uncomfortable and ridiculous – sadly unbecoming, doing Grease moves in 2000.

Duration: 147 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.2