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Sep 152013

Watch B.A. Pass (2013) indian full movie live streaming online.

The story begins with the death of the parents of Mukesh, a teenager who has just graduated from high school. The boy’s grandfather puts his most unfriendly aunt as care in charge of wealth. Mukesh, meanwhile struggles to get on with his aunt’s family who refuses to provide him pocket money for his day to day expenses. He tries his best to study during his 1st year B.A. course. He also constantly worries about his two sisters who are put in a girl’s home. Mukesh develops friendship with Johnny, an undertaker, in Delhi’s graveyard, over the interest of playing chess. Then, Mukesh is introduced to “Sarika” aunty, one of the neighbors, during a get together. He once happens to go to Sarika’s home to get apples, after which he is seduced by Sarika who uses his youthful body. She tempts him and also pays him for his services. Mukesh when questioned by his aunt about his new found money replies that he earned it by giving tutions. Sarika introduces Mukesh to many such “hungry” aunts who finally make him a male prostitute. Once, Mukesh gets into a hot scene with Sarika and Sarika’s husband suddenly comes to know of this. He complains to Mukesh’ aunt that Mukesh had been seeking a loan from Sarika and tried to kiss her. This makes Mukesh’s aunt throw him out of the house. Nowhere to go, Mukesh comes to Johnny’s house and stays with him. Meanwhile, Mukesh’s two sisters call him and tell him that they have absconded from the orphanage due to ill-treatment from the warden. Mukesh feels betrayed by Sarika who has been the cause for his life’s ruin. He barges into her home and demands money that is due to him. Sarika replies that she gave away his money to Johnny. Mukesh refuses to believe her words. Meanwhile Ashok(Sarika’s husband)arrives home,sees door locked inside. He suspects adultery and threatens to disclose her to public, if she didn’t open the door. Sarika draws Mukesh closer and she makes him stab her lightly to create the scene against Mukesh .In a state of shock, Mukesh stabs her three more times till her death in front of her husband and runs away to Johnny’s house. Look puzzled at house , he could not find either johnny or his things. He calls him only to find out that Johnny has left for Mauritius using his money. Looking deceived and frustrated , he receives call from his sister to take them from railway station to home. Unable to answer, Mukesh tells her wait in the station till he arrives. On his way to station, Mukesh was seen by police. Police chase Mukesh to the top of the balcony of a building .While police caught him under gun, he receives a phone call from his sister again. With no way left, he jumps from the balcony and dies.

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