Rocky The Rebel (2006) Watch Full Movie Online
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Rocky The Rebel (2006) Watch Full Movie Online

Rocky The Rebel (2006) Watch Full Movie Online

Rocky The Rebel (2006) Watch Full Movie Online DVD Print HD. Watch Rocky The Rebel (2006) Watch Full Movie Online. Download Rocky The Rebel (2006) Watch Full Movie Online. Rocky is a short-tempered guy who makes an enemy in Anthony. Ultimately, it leads to Rocky’s girlfriend being killed and a shattered Rocky leaving the country. But Rocky’s past returns to haunt him.

Rocky is a man who lives in India with his parents. He is in love with a woman named Neha. Rocky’s weakness is that he is very hot-tempered. He very often gets into fights. One day he gets into a fight with a criminal named Anthony and beats Anthony up. Anthony finds out that Rocky has a girlfriend named Neha. He abducts her and then kills her. He mocks at Rocky. An angered Rocky loses control of himself, making his family turn him away. The family eventually go abroad to England. Rocky and his hot temper are the only ones left behind. What will Rocky do now?

Rocky: The Rebel is about a young man named Rocky (played my Zayed Khan). Rocky has anger problems, or as he thinks of it; he’s a courageous fellow who helps people in need rather than just ignoring them. His father doesn’t approve of his antics, but his mom has always supported him because she believes in him.

One day, Rocky decided to open up a Cyber Cafe. It goes wrong when a couple of goons start harassing a girl, Neha. Neha runs for help to Rocky’s friend. He can’t do anything, so he calls Rocky. Rocky realizes what happens and beats up the goons. Later him and Neha fell in love and got engaged.

But what Rocky is about to realize is that maybe helping Neha by beating up the goons, was his biggest mistake. Everything goes haywire, his parents ignore him, even his mom is realizing that Rocky is nothing but a troubled child. Now what happens to Rocky?

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