Samay: When Time Strikes (2003) Full Movie Watch Online
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Samay: When Time Strikes (2003) Full Movie Watch Online

Samay: When Time Strikes (2003) Full Movie Watch Online

Samay: When Time Strikes (2003) Full Movie Watch Online HD Free Download. Watch Samay: When Time Strikes (2003) Full Movie. Download Samay: When Time Strikes (2003) Full Movie. Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Malvika Chauhan battles time to obtain & solve the clues to solve the various murders occurring in the city. Samay: When Time Strikes (2003) Full Movie Watch Online in HD Print Quality Free Download,Full Movie Samay: When Time Strikes (2003) Watch Online in DVD Print Quality Download.


ACP Malavika Chauhan (Sushmita Sen) heads an investigative team looking into the murders of “best in field” professionals. There seem no clues except one left behind deliberately by the killer – an unusual pattern in the shape of the dead bodies.


‘Samay’ is one of the best movies of 2003. It stars the beauty queen Sushmita Sen in one of the most meaningful roles of her career. She plays the role of an intelligent cop who is assigned the task of solving the murder of a wealthy businessman. She begins to unearth every clues linking her to the killer.

But before she could solve the mystery of the businessman’s homicide, another murder takes place. This time a leading actress of the film industry has been murdered. To make matters worse, a famous contact-killer of the city has also been killed.

Each murder follows an interesting pattern-the first victim was killed at 12, the second at 3 and the third at 6. And each victim had a defective eyesight with a power of -2. Will Sush be able to stop the killer from carrying out one more crime with impunity or will she fail? The movie is extremely interesting right from the beginning. This is the first movie I have seen that doesn’t follow the usual routine of useless songs and dance numbers. There is only one song in the movie, ‘Laila Laila’ but it was necessary to establish the moves of the second victim before she was murdered.

‘Samay’ scores in almost every department. Cinematography was good and the editing was well-paced. The supporting casts were equally good as the lead cast. Sushant Singh was competitive and so were Dinesh Lamba and Rajesh Khera.

As mentioned above, with ‘Samay’ Sushmita should easily win the critical acclaim that she has longed for from the beginning of her career. She was competitive throughout the movie. No actress can match her given the role of a smart and diligent cop in the movie.

The only thing that I don’t like in the movie is the climax which was heavy and unsatisfactory.

Despite an unsatisfactory ending, watch ‘Samay’ for pure entertainment.

I rate it 8/10.

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