Sarfarosh (1999) Watch Full Movie
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Sarfarosh (1999) Watch Full Movie

Sarfarosh (1999) Watch Full Movie

Sarfarosh (1999) Watch Full Movie Online DVD Print Download. Watch Sarfarosh (1999) Full Movie. Download Sarfarosh (1999) Full Movie. Ajay Rathore is a no-nonsense police officer from Mumbai Crime Branch. Long time ago his elder brother was killed by terrorists which caused him to quit his medical studies and join Indian Police Service. He is a great admirer of Pakistan-based ghazal singer Gulfam Hassan. During one of Hassan’s concerts, they meet for the first time and become great friends. Meanwhile, Ajay’s investigation into the Pakistan-supported cross-border terrorism takes him to Rajasthan and reveals an unsettling truth about someone close to his heart.


Ajay is a fan of ghazal singer, Gulfam Hussain, and is thrilled to actually meet him during one of his performances. During this performance, he meets with Seema, and both fall in love. Seema is introduced to Ajay’s family, and they unanimously approve of her. What Seema does not know is that Ajay is acutally Assistant Commissioner of Police, Ajay Singh Rathod, who has been assigned the task of apprehending a group of terrorists, that are being sheltered and protected by corrupt parliamentary representatives, with arms being supplied by Pakistan. Ajay does not know that the trail which he is following will lead him to Rajasthan, right into the house of the person who runs this operation – a person who is known to him.


Aamir Khan has performed at his best. Loved the movie.

Ajay Singh Rathod (Aamir Khan) is a honest officer who hates the criminals and terrorist. He loves his country. He gets some information about criminals who are involve in supply of arms in order to create terrorism.

Ajay solves this mystery and reaches the root of this gang. But at the end he comes to know that this terrorism was under-supervision of his very good friend and singer “Gulfam Hassan (Naseeruddin Shah)” The story, Music, Dialogues, everything is just perfect.


Duration: 174 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 8.2

Sarfarosh (1999) Watch Full Movie
Sarfarosh (1999) Watch Full Movie