Tevar (2015) Watch Full Movie Online
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Tevar (2015) Watch Full Movie Online

Tevar (2015) Watch Full Movie Online

Tevar (2015) Watch Full Movie Online HD Download. Watch Tevar (2015) Watch Full Movie. Download Tevar (2015) Watch Full Movie. A Kabaddi player rescues a young woman from an unwanted marriage and hides her in his home. Tevar (2015) Watch Full Movie Online in HD Print Quality Download,Watch Tevar (2015) Full Movie Online in DVD Print Quality Free Download.


Pintoo is a young Kabbadi player at Agra who goes to factionism-hit Mathura, where in a twist of fate, he saves Radhika from Gajendar Singh. Gajendar Singh is a dangerous faction leader, who is in love with Radhika and wants to marry her against her wishes. Pintoo brings Radhika to his house in Agra and decides to hide her until they can ensure her safe escape. This plan is complicated by the fact that Pinto’s father is the police officer tasked by Gajendar Singh to locate Radhika.


Tevar is remake of a Okkadu a Telugu film released in 2003. Okkadu was remade into Tamil called Ghilli in 2004 and then also into Kannada a year or two later.

I have watched Ghilli and I enjoyed it. It worked because of two reasons – one Vijay who played the hero and two was Prakash Raj who played the villain. Prakash had also played villain in original as well as in Kannada remake.

However, the Hindi remake has come a decade too late. Hindi audiences have moved on from watching simple masala movies which the 80s doled out regularly. They want some thing new and different.

Unfortunately, Tevar cannot offer anything new. To make matters worse, Arjun Kapoor doesn’t have the charisma need to make a mediocre movie into a watchable film. He fails miserably. Unlike the original and Tamil remake where the respective superstars donned the role, Arjun is still trying to make his impression in Bollywood.

However, if there is one reason to watch this film and thats Manoj Bajpai. This man is brilliant as the villain. He plays a ruthless man, killing people with ease and also of a crazy awe struck lover who will go any distance to make the girl fall in love with him.

Manoj had done a similar role in Road, a decade back. However, Manoj ensures that the characters are different. Check out the scenes when he 1st sees Sonakshi or when he goes to college to propose to her. Mind blowing stuff which left me in splits.

Wish Tevar was made a decade ago with Salman Khan as hero and Manoj Bajpai the villain…it would have been a rocking film.

Duration: 157 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.1

Tevar (2015) Watch Full Movie Online
Tevar (2015) Watch Full Movie Online