Zakhm (1998) Watch Full Movie Online
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Zakhm (1998) Watch Full Movie Online

Zakhm (1998) Watch Full Movie Online

Zakhm (1998) Watch Full Movie Online DVD Print Free Download. Watch Zakhm (1998) Full Movie Online. Download Zakhm (1998) Full Movie Online. Amidst religious riots, a son deals with his mother’s life-threatening injuries, and her last request. Zakhm (1998) Watch Full Movie Online in DVD Print Quality Free Download,Watch Full Movie Zakhm (1998) Online in HD Print Quality Download.


Mrs. Desai is a Bombay-based widow and lives with her singer son, Ajay, his pregnant wife Sonia, and a second son, Anand, who is currently involved in a right-wing organization run by Subodh Malgaonkar. Things take a turn for the worst when militants storm the Babri Masjid in Uttar Pradesh and demolish it. Anger runs high amongst the Muslim community which lead to riots, even in far-off Bombay. The Bombay police move quickly and a curfew is imposed in the more sensitive parts such as Mohammed Ali Road, Jogeshwari, and Dharavi. It is on this day that Mrs. Desai goes to offer prayers at her usual place of worship, and it is here that she will be attacked by militants, set ablaze, admitted to the Holy Family Hospital with more than 80% burns, and virtually no chance of surviving. Ajay must now deal with conflicts with Sonia, who wants to leave India, and re-locate to England, where she wants to give birth to her child without any constraints as to religion and caste, on one hand, and on …


Zakhm is definitely the best creation by Mahesh Bhatt. The plot involves the communal tension of Mumbai during the riots.Pooja Bhatt, mother of Ajay Devgan is burnt alive by a Muslim mob and then we are taken into the flashback which reveals the dark side of Pooja Bhatt’s and Ajay Devgan’s past. The strength of Zakhm is its depiction of human sentiments and emotions which are portrayed so beautifully that it really hits you hard.

Performance wise the movie is amazing Ajay Devgan winning the prestigious National Award.Pooja Bhatt making a stunning come back Nagarjuna , Ashutosh Rana,Akshay Anand all delivers a strong performance.Master Kunal is the show stunner it is amazing to see such a strong performance by a child artist.

Music wise Zakhm is again a masterpiece the songs really adds more to the emotion and is very touching.

Overall Mahesh Bhatt gives his life’s best and a movie which was surely among the best of 98

Duration: 125 min

Quality: web


IMDb: 8.0

Zakhm (1998) Watch Full Movie Online
Zakhm (1998) Watch Full Movie Online