Zanjeer (2013) Full Movie Watch Online HD
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Zanjeer (2013) Full Movie Watch Online HD

Zanjeer (2013) Full Movie Watch Online HD

Zanjeer (2013) Full Movie Watch Online HD Download. Watch Zanjeer (2013) Full Movie. Download Zanjeer (2013) Full Movie. A remake of the 1973 action film of the same name. Zanjeer Full Movie (2013) Watch Online in HD Print Quality Download,Watch Online Zanjeer Full Movie (2013) in DVD Print Quality Free Download.
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The official Remake of 1973 Zanjeer. ACP Vijay is Honest police Officer who has been transferred again and again from one city to another by the system for chasing corrupt underworld goons. Mala a Beautiful girl fly from outside India to attend facebook friend marriage and things go wrong when Mala has seen a murder by Teja’s Gang and refuses to co-operate. Now Teja Gang wants to kill Mala. ACP Vijay convince Mala to give a statement he gives her shelter and protect her from Teja Gang soon he realize that he has fallen in love with Mala. Sher khan an illegal car dealer become a friend of ACP Vijay who can risk his life for this friendship. The story revolves around Vijay’s struggle against the system, his battle against Teja.


Just when you thought that there is some good left in the world, the movie Zanjeer punches you hard and brings you face to face with the disastrous disaster of Hindi Cinema. Pushed by circumstances ,in my case an exam of General Pharmacology, one usually goes to a place faraway and happy, also dark, and so did I. My friends and I, we ended up in a theatre. Wasn’t zero cars in the parking, or no people in the vicinity or the lifelessness of the Theatre enough to scare us off? Obviously Not.

One ticket worth 130 Rupees, and we barged into a hall full of nothing but an ogre-face sprawled all over the large screen. That was the defining moment when we knew that the coming 3 hours of our lives were in vague danger, but being a Desi breed we didn’t turn back. 130 Rupees ka sawal tha.

The initial shock of an atrociously hideous protagonist or an awfully dumb Priyanka Chopra was nothing. There was so much more they had in store for the scanty audience.

A hag-faced Sanjay Dutt who insisted on wearing nothing but colours that could sore your eyes for a century, a nauseating woman named Mona, a dark and gross villain with massive one-liner-failures, a dizzy sound- track, a horrific and passé story-line, a dance step that looked pretty much like an epileptic seizure, a 150-minutes-of-my-life-never-coming- back later here I am thanking the almighty that I am alive. Barely.

Only one bearable ending could’ve come out of this traumatic movie, if that mutant-lips-cop shot himself in the end, and the screen splattered with his pathetic blood. Or not. No way on Earth can this be a better movie, because this is it, the worst movie I have watched in my lifetime. I am scarred for life. Rating this movie in stars? I wouldn’t rate this in bullshits.

Duration: 137 min

Quality: web


IMDb: 3.2

Zanjeer (2013) Full Movie Watch Online HD
Zanjeer (2013) Full Movie Watch Online HD