Aatish: Feel the Fire (1994) Full Movie Watch Online
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Aatish: Feel the Fire (1994) Full Movie Watch Online

Aatish: Feel the Fire (1994) Full Movie Watch Online

Aatish: Feel the Fire (1994) Full Movie Watch Online HD Print Free Download. Watch Aatish: Feel the Fire (1994) Full Movie. Download Aatish: Feel the Fire (1994) Full Movie. Baba and Avinash are brothers who lives in a shanty house with their widowed mother, who makes a living as a housemaid. When a stalker attempts to rape their mother, Baba knives him to death, and the three, along with an orphan named Nawab, take shelter with a underworld don named Uncle. Baba would like Avinash to study and make something of his life, in order to help his brother study he decides to make crime his career. When Avinash completes his studies he becomes a police officer on his first assignment he learns his brother Baba and friend Nawab are on the most wanted criminal list.


Two brothers namely the eldest Baba and the younger one Avinash live in a small apartment in a Bombay city slum. Another orphan named Nawab reside there with them along with there widowed mother. They had many misadventures in life and so they now relocate to an old man house who calls himself Uncle but is known as an underworld nexus. Baba romances Nisha and has hope of marrying her soon. Baba wants Avinash to further his studies and become a better person in life so he and Nawab decides to work with Uncle on a negative path. Avinash goes abroad and romances Pooja and he also has hope of marrying her soon, Baba’s dream of Avinash has been fulfilled, when Avinash finish his studies he becomes a police officer. He is shock when he is given a list of Bombay’s hardcore criminal don for he has never associated his brother Baba with any criminal activities but he is on the list. But later Avinash release the truth about his brother’s criminal activities and that a criminal named Sunny is


I had seen this movie on June 19,1994 way back in my junior college days in a suburban theater in Mumbai, India. Seeing this movie, in June 2010, on cable-TV network reminded me of the good, old junior college days of mine when I had many close and true friends. This movie contains many action, romantic,sex scenes with half a dozen wonderful songs where the 4 lead actors – Sanjay Dutt, Raveena Tandon, Karishma Kapoor and Atul Agnihotri danced very well in all the music numbers. A cocktail of a bunch of foreign English movies such as “The State of Grace” , “A Better Tomorrow ” and all the Lethal Weapon flicks mixed together, Aatish-Feel the Fire has wonderful cinematography, awesome visuals and breathtaking scenery.Shot extensively in Mauritius, Seychelles and Maldives, the 2 lead heroines of this movie – Raveena Tandon and Karishma Kapoor seem to be competing with each other not only in this 1994 release in the field of acting but also in dancing,dressing well,looking ravishing and above all exposing their beautiful bodies extensively.This movie made more news for the Karishma-Raveena on sets fighting and the pulling out of Ms Pooja Bhatt from the original star cast than anything else.

Duration: 155 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.8

Aatish: Feel the Fire (1994) Full Movie Watch Online