Fool N Final (2007) Watch Full Movie Online
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Fool N Final (2007) Watch Full Movie Online

Fool N Final (2007) Watch Full Movie Online

Fool N Final (2007) Watch Full Movie Online DVD Print Download. Watch Fool N Final (2007) Full Movie. Download Fool N Final (2007) Full Movie. A bunch of misfits and gangsters embarks on a journey to find a lost and stolen diamond.


Raja lives in Dubai, U.A.E. and is a career-criminal, partnered by his girlfriend, Tina, and her maternal uncle, Chobey. Raja also makes additional money by masquerading as Rahul, the son of Lajwanti, who was killed in an accident. Since Chobey owes money to a gangster named Moscow Chikna, Raja decides to help him out by arranging the abduction of Rocky, a jewel thief, who has a priceless diamond in his possession. If Raja and his gang do not bring this diamond to Moscow Chikna, he has sworn to cut off their arms. When another gangster, JD, finds out about the diamond, he asks them to bring the diamond to him or else he will cut off their legs. The trio abduct Rocky – only to be threatened by a London-based gangster, Chokshi, who has recruited Gunmaster G9, who has threatened to cut off their respective necks if the diamond is not surrendered to Chokshi. Chaos prevails as the hapless trio, their lives complicated by the bumbling Kuttu Pilot, hustle to save their lives – in vain …


“Fool’N’Final” represents the worst in not only Bollywood film history but the history of cinema itself. There are far too many films like this that are made or rather ‘remade’ in Bollywood without rhyme or reason. There are no saving graces for the film, unlike other remakes that directly rip off the story and give it an ‘Indianize’ it as American remakes tend to do, this film doesn’t which leaves it as an empty and hollow commercial shell. The problem lies within the fact that this film is nothing more than a ‘get rich quick’ scheme concocted by it’s producers, Base Industries Groups which is owned by the Nadiawala’s. The film that they ripped off is Guy Ritchie’s 2000 Hit “Snatch”. One has to scoff at B.I.G.’s mission statement which can be located on the “Hera Phiri” website where they state that they “believe that the fountainhead of film making lies at the confluence of creativity, talent, technology & technique. In the quest for entertainment that appeals to the heart & mind, the entity considers itself as a medium where the flourish of imagination journeys to the senses of the entertained.” (which can be located at this address // Obviously just like other film producers, what they say has little to do with what they mean.

The film boasts what can be considered a star cast. At the helm is Shahid Kapur and his lady love interest (in a story that is never explored but only hinted at) Ayesha Takia. Their support comes in from Vivek Oberoi, Sunny Deol, Jackie Shroff, Paresh Rawal, Om Puri, Johnny Lever, Gulshan Grover, Arbaaz Khan, Chunky Pandey and Sharmila Tagore. With solid experience like that behind it, you would think that the performances would be at least entertaining, not mind blowing but at least entertaining. But you would be wrong and for this, you can be forgiven. Not one actor manages to entertain. Shahid Kapur is Shahid Kapur which is nothing special because the only reason he is allowed to exist in Bollywood is because millions of teenage girls fawn over him. Ayesha Takia, who managed to spark interest with her role in ‘Dor’, does nothing with her role leading her to quickly becoming the most un-interesting fairly new talent of the next generation. Oberoi, who at times has almost gleefully recalled his training at NYU continues to spit out roles that incline viewers to believe that he didn’t actually learn anything while in training. Deol, Shroff, Puri, Pandy, and Tagore are all wasted in roles that are needed because…well, their roles were in the original and there are character spaces that needed to be filled. However, it is Pandey that gives a stand out performance even though his role is mediocre and pale in comparison to Benicio Del Toro in “Snatch”.

Though there are snippets of originality that come in the form of the directorial technique, they are pale in comparison to the quick editing techniques and framing that is used by Ritchie in “Snatch”. The film is laid out like a comic strip, however, this wanes quickly when there is no need for it when it starts to become over used.

The writing is uninspired almost as much as the direction is, this is what causes the overall production to suffer. The actors look uninterested and the viewer quickly realizes that the actors are doing this either because their careers have faded away or because they needed a paycheck to sustain their high flying Bollywood lifestyles (which according to interviews consists of sitting at home and listening to their parents).

The soundtrack, which is an integral ingredient in a Bollywood production, is uninspired commercial bird droppings. The picturization of the songs are even worse with actors running around in ‘bling’ gear pretending to act cool not realizing that a lot of people don’t actually by into the ‘bling’ factor. Oh, and Mike Tyson appears during the end song. Why? Because the producers felt that he could help to sell an appearance that consists of him throwing shadow punches at the camera while inter cutting to the rest of the cast dancing in their ‘bling’ gear – that and the fact that Tyson needs the money right now.

A waste of space and time.

Duration: 144 min

Quality: web


IMDb: 3.3