Jungle (2000) Full Movie Watch
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Jungle (2000) Full Movie Watch

Jungle (2000) Full Movie Watch

Jungle (2000) Full Movie Watch Online HD Free Download. Watch Jungle (2000) Full Movie. Download Jungle (2000) Full Movie. A couple is kidnapped and held for ransom until one of the kidnappers’ associates is released from custody.


Where beasts feared to tread, he made it his home; Where the scorching sun could not reach, he shined in the cold bloodedness. Where the police never managed to catch him, he always killed them. WHERE- is the Jungle, and HE- is the king. In his reign, he killed animals, massacred policemen, slaughtered informers, and then one day, he took someone’s love.


Once again its RAM GOPAL VERMA to the rescue !

Jungle is an amazing thriller from start to end. The movie is about a terrorist group that hold a bunch of tourists hostage. Since this is a hindi movie, one of the hostages had to be the pretty heroine (Urmila) and the hero (Fardeen Khan) had to go save her.

Every single actor in this movie did an amazing job, especially the actors playing the role of terrorists. After watching them, you don’t know whether to laugh with the terrorists (because of the way they talk) or to feel freaked out by what they talk about. Most of the scenes are funny and at the same time highly disturbing. One minute you are laughing, the other your jaw drops in horror.

I loved everything about this movie. It’s definitely worth watching

Duration: 146 min


IMDb: 6.2