Lahore (2010) Watch Full Movie Online
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Lahore (2010) Watch Full Movie Online

Lahore (2010) Watch Full Movie Online

Lahore (2010) Watch Full Movie Online DVD Print Download. Watch Lahore (2010) Full Movie. Download Lahore (2010) Full Movie. Lahore reflects the need and the desire to bring about peace and harmony in the subcontinent. It tells us how sports could play a key role in building bridges and bringing the two countries like India and Pakistan together that has more than 50 years of the history of unrelenting hostility.


Dheerendra Singh is a kick-boxer, who after beating Gajanan Dinan, has been selected to represent India in the 14th Annual Kick-boxing tournament in Kuala Lumpur where he will be pitted against Pakistan’s Noor Mohammad. He is engaged to Neela Chaudhary, and lives with his widowed mother, and a cricketer brother, Veerender. The family witness Dheerendra excel himself during his bout against Noor but ends up gravely injured, and subsequently passes away after a kick in the neck area. When the Malaysian Government rules it as an accident, an enraged Dheerendra opts out of cricket, joins the kick-boxing team, and travels to Lahore (a city that was founded by Vishnu Avatar Ramji’s son, Lav) to participate in the Quid-E-Azam Tournament where he hopes to avenge his brother’s untimely death but is not aware of the outcome of his quest as well as the surprises that await him there.


Considering the themes and potential, it was very disappointing. The evocative opening credits promised much more than the muted, dumbed-down mess that followed.

This film should have shed an hour to hit a more effective fighting weight. It was flabby, slow, dull and predictable. The sparse action choreography was passable, but not great. I would say it was more of a drama than an action movie, but the acting wasn’t really strong enough for that, either.

Despite its many flaws and its heavy-handedness, it did manage to muster a little impact for the finale, but I’m not sure it was worth the slog.

Duration: 145 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.4

Lahore (2010) Watch Full Movie Online