Love (1991) Watch Full Movie Online
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Love (1991) Watch Full Movie Online

Love (1991) Watch Full Movie Online

Love (1991) Watch Full Movie Online DVD Print Free Download. Watch Love (1991) Full Movie. Download Love (1991) Full Movie. Jailed as a juvenile for killing his abusive father (Sudhir Kumar), Prithvi (Salman Khan) is unable to witness any atrocity without losing his temper. He meets with Maggie Pinto (Revathi Menon) and after a few more chance meetings, they both fall in love. Maggie takes Prithvi to meet her parents, and they reject him due to his violent background. Maggie and Prithvi persist, and Maggie’s mom, Stella Pinto (Reeta Bhaduri) calls the police, and has Prithvi jailed. Guruji (Amjad Khan) comes to his aid, and bails him out. Both continue to meet, little knowing the tragedy awaiting both of them.


Constant abuse at the hands of her husband forces, Prithvi’s mother to commit suicide which then pushes Prithvi to murder his dad resulting in him spending his youth behind bars. Years later after his release from prison; Prithvi is unable to control his temper at the site of injustice. He meets Maggie Pinto and after a few chance meetings both falls in love. Maggie introduces Prithvi to her parents but her mother, Stella disapproves of the match because of Prithvi’s violent background thus Maggie is instructed to abstain from Prithvi. But the lovers continue to meet tempting Stella to involve the police resulting in the arrest of Prithvi. Guruji then comes to his assistance by arranging his bail – this then opens up a rebellious game between the lovers and Stella.


One of Salman Khan’s early post-Maine Pyar Kiya movies, Love is a decent flick. It also introduced the immensely talented Revathy Menon to Hindi cinema-goers.

Maggie (Revathy) is your vivacious collegian who bumps into the broody Salman Khan in some very interesting ways. Cut to Prithvi (Salman) and his morose expressions. He is a juvenile murderer, having killed his dad or step-dad (saw this when i was in school, so don’t remember all of it!) who mistreated his mother.

He never really grows out of that till Maggie enters the scenario. After some interesting situations and one very melodious and memorable song, “Saathiya..Yeh Tune Kya Kiya”..Prithvi takes up guitar lessons under Amjad Khan and here’s our budding musician!

Like most Hindi movie parents, Maggie’s momma, Rita Bhaduri doesn’t want a criminal for her future son-in-law..but jovial daddy Shafi Inamdar sees promise in the lad..some more yarn…

The movie could have been better save for the overt melodrama in the latter half…Maggie is ill or dying (again, my memory fails!)..blah blah..Our hero sings for her..and the usual yada yada!

It is interesting viewing for the two protagonists and their performances..In those days, Salman was clothed! ha ha..on a serious note watch it when you have time to spare!

Duration: 152 min

Quality: web


IMDb: 5.9