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Rann (2010) Watch Full Movie Online

Rann (2010) Watch Full Movie Online

Rann (2010) Watch Full Movie Online DVD Print Download. Watch Rann (2010) Full Movie. Download Rann (2010) Full Movie. The revered chief of a news agency tries to maintain journalistic integrity as his bureau and a rival agency vie for viewers following a terrorist attack.


As the news of a bomb explosion in the Muzaffarnagar area spreads, two leading news agencies, India 24 & Headlines 24/7, deal with their respective ratings and content to attract more viewers and boost advertising revenue. Purab Shastri is hired by India 24, managed by Vijay H. Malik, while the other agency is run by Amrish Kakkar, Vijay’s former subordinate. Purab, an ardent admirer of Vijay, changes his views after the later dramatically exposes Prime Minister Digvijay Hooda’s hand behind the explosion, and starts to gather evidence that may end up implicating Vijay and the agency.


With “Rann” Ram Gopal Verma strongly strikes back with his own kind of cinema, wherein he only believes in telling his stories as they are, irrespective of their expected prospects at the box office. The movie is based on the news channel networks in the media and talks about the unhealthy competition prevailing within the industry to get higher TRPs than the rival channels. RGV in his own unique style blatantly reveals the hidden truth behind the so called Sting Operations shown on the news channels, which are capable of generating a massive reaction among the general public.

As it should be, RGV straight away comes to the point in the first 15 minutes itself and does not waste time in establishing his artists in their respective roles. But as expected, “Rann” is not a media bashing movie. Instead it’s a movie more interested in showcasing the underground nexus existing between the clever politicians and media networks who are helplessly dependent upon the mercy of these policy makers. It tries to awaken the general public with the fact that today, news is not being reported truthfully, but it’s being created tactfully in order to survive in this tiring competition. So, everything seen on the news channel may not be true and hence the public has to take the right decision with its own intelligence and instinct.

However, “Rann” does not entirely focus on the negative side of the topic. Very insightfully, the director shows Three kinds of mindsets prevailing in a society. Amitabh & Ritesh are the two protagonists fighting for their true spirits of a sincere journalist. Paresh Rawal, Rajat Kapoor, Sudeep, Mohnish Behl and Suchitra Krishnamurthy are the ones only interested in the wrong side of the game. But the third section is full of people like Gul Panang, Neetu Chandra and Simone Singh who are neither interested nor willing to participate in any such activity on the social front. Sadly these are the kind of people who constitute a major part of our huge population and let the bad people continue with their ugly tricks of the trade.

“Rann” makes an impact right from the start and leaves you thinking with an interesting intermission. The climax comes up with a well written and superbly rendered speech by the one & only Amitabh Bachchan who is ashamed of himself being a part of the game played on his own channel unknowingly. Amitabh is once again superlative in his brilliant act of a sincere owner of a news channel who wants to run his channel on his own moral principles. But surprisingly, he hasn’t got many scenes in the movie apart from the main climax. In fact the movie majorly revolves around Sudeep, who plays Amitabh’s son and performs brilliantly in the role assigned. RGV once again gives the Industry a rather unknown actor who has got the talent and capabilities to handle tougher roles as proved in “Rann”.

Paresh Rawal, returns on the screen as the main villain and is superb. Ritesh Deshmukh surprises you with his superb portrayal of a calm and sincere journalist, who refuses to accept the unhealthy norms of the trade and is willing to quit. Mohnish Behl is great as the owner of a rival channel. Rajat Kapoor fits to his role as a T. Suchitra looks ravishing and acts well as the in-house spy. Gul Panang looks delightful on the screen. Both Neetu Chandra and Simone Singh are just fine and Rajpal Yadav does bring some relief moments in the tense script.

Interestingly, Censor banned the use of “Jan Gan Man” composition in the movie, but quite amazingly missed out on the lyrics of all the other tracks used in it. Cinematography is of top rate especially in the climax speech of Amitabh. Dialogues are sharp and hard hitting as expected from an RGV film made on social issues and background score is well arranged and apt for the subject.

The movie has a basic plot resembling with Madhur Bhandarkar’s “Corporate”, but still unarguably it’s more thought provoking and relevant in the current scenario. RGV is right there visible in the entire film and impresses you the most in the scenes where Paresh Rawal is interacting with his silent mother, Amitabh is explaining the irrelevant difference between a Hindu and a Muslim, Sudeep trying to cope up with the extreme pressure of being successful, his suicide scene and the well written climax where the truth prevails in the end.

Here, it must be noted that many viewers may find it hard to digest and unentertaining as they may argue that they don’t buy a ticket for getting preached. But for all of them I would like to say that Cinema not always should be a means of entertainment alone. At times it’s the duty of the intelligent film makers to come up with films which are capable of starting a debate especially among the younger generation, who have the power and enthusiasm to bring the desired changes in the society.

In the past, “Ankush”, “Yuva”, “Rang De Basanti”, “Swades” and many more such films were made by on the similar grounds of starting a debate. With “Rann” RGV contributes to the same new age wave & I hope it is able to burn a new candle in the dark lives of our directionless youngsters.

In the end, I would like to add that in an Industry, where everyone is more concerned about the financial prospects of a venture, only RGV and no other film maker in the whole Bollywood could have dared to attempt a movie like “Rann”. It’s a must watch for all who have a thinking soul and know the value of that one single vote you have in your hands which ca

Duration: 137 min


IMDb: 7.0

Rann (2010) Watch Full Movie Online
Rann (2010) Watch Full Movie Online
Rann (2010) Watch Full Movie Online
Rann (2010) Watch Full Movie Online