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Watch Balwaan Full Movie

Watch Balwaan Full Movie

Watch Balwaan Full Movie Online Free. Balwaan (1992) Watch Full Movie Online Download Free. A brave cop – who has always stood up to injustice and corruption – runs afoul of an influential gangster, when he is assigned to Mumbai.
Arjun Singh lives with his mother and sister; he takes it upon himself to fight injustice. This gets notice by the police commissioner who decides to enlist Arjun into the police force and thus his war against injustice continues. His life changes when he cross path with a notorious gangster, Bhai who frames him for murder and has him sent to jail. While Arjun is away Bhai tortures his family and eventually kill them; this then force Arjun to escape from jail in order to settle scores with Bhai.

Duration: 142 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.4