Watch Hidden Peaks (2018) Full Movie
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Watch Hidden Peaks (2018) Full Movie

Watch Hidden Peaks (2018) Full Movie

Watch Hidden Peaks (2018) Full Movie. Download Hidden Peaks (2018) Full Movie. Two survivors struggle through a dangerous journey in a world shrouded with evil and terror. Hidden Peaks (2018) Full Movie Online Free.


Eliza awakens into an apocalyptic world she has no memory of. She encounters and flees from creatures called ‘Reapers’ that thrive on human flesh. Jarred is a survivor still fighting the Reapers. Death lurks and beckons with every step. Together, Eliza and Jarred along with a group of survivors learn the true meaning of fear, and how humans must work together to stay – alive. Most will die. Only the strongest survive.


2018 is shaping up to be one of the worst years in cinematic history, my analytics have it bouncing between the bottom three spots and movies like this certainly don’t help matters.

This Australian horror showed potential, in fact the first 15 minutes fascinated me and I expected big things. I expected Wyrmwood (2014) but with demons, alas it wasn’t meant to be.

It tells the story of a world where portals have mysteriously opened and demons have flooded through. The survivors do everything they can to survive against the onslaught of this evil.

It starts and ends strong but the middle, the entire bulk of the movie is really quite disappointing.

The characters are instantly forgettable, the sfx are a combination of great and terrible and the writing is thoroughly hit and miss as well.

If the film had been more consistent I’d likely be here singing it’s praises and recommending everyone give it a go. In it’s final form though sadly it’s very underwhelming and not what it could and by all rights should have been.

The movie ended with a “To be continued” and despite my criticisms I’d very much like to see the story continue. Maybe the next part with better writers and a larger budget though.

The Good:

Some great visuals

A few decent ideas

Solid enough lead

The Bad:

When they can’t even get the grammar correct on the movies tagline what chance does the actual film have?

Lack of budget really shows in places

First person scenes are senseless

Some highly dodgy writing in spots

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Demonic little girls seem to work exceptionally well in every movie they’re in

Duration: 109 min

Quality: HD