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Watch Team: The Force Full Movie

Watch Team: The Force Full Movie

Watch Team: The Force Full Movie Online free. Team – The Force (2009) Watch Full Movie Online Download Free. Three aspiring music artistes endanger their lives after they get into the bad books of a gangster.


Kind and benevolent Mumbai-based Baba permits three Delhi-based aspiring music artistes, Raj, Yash Khan and Jaspal Singh Walia, to live with his family, consisting of his wife and two children. After the trio fail to secure any work and become indebted, he lends them Rs.7 Lakhs to finance their own music video. The trio set out to secure their future, but upon returning find their mentor being attacked by goons. They come to his rescue, get him hospitalized, and while he is recovering, are summoned by gangster/extortionist, Raman Bhai. The latter warns them not to interfere with his business of forcing Baba to sign away his property and mansion to him. The trio then daringly abduct Raman’s sister, Ria, and hold her hostage for a ransom of Rs.5 Crores – not realizing that this action will pit them against corrupt policemen, Raman’s goons, as well as endanger not their lives but also the lives of Baba and his family.


The movie so totally entertaining and entertaining I enjoyed it and enjoyed watching the movie

Storyline is good screenplay is good editing is good direction is superb

Songs are really good

Sohail khan was superb as the hero Amrita does fine yash does well vrajesh does wonderful


Duration: 115 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.1

Watch Team: The Force Full Movie